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A Day in Dhonk
Dhonk in Conservation

Tiger Watch is a Non Government, Nonprofit organization working in Ranthambhore since 11 years for wildlife and tiger conservation. In addition to research and monitoring of wildlife, its primary work has been anti-poaching and reform of a traditional poaching community – Mogya tribe. (www.tigerwatch.net)

The reform program includes giving alternate livelihood to the ex-poachers families, under this several Mogya tribe women were trained on handicraft work. 
Since Tiger Watch is not into any business venturing, it was time to hand over to an organization, which could take these products to the world market.
Dhonk was hence born out of the need to give sustainable living to the Ex-poacher’s family but it also expanded its work for the local village people living in the park periphery.  
10% of profits are given to Tiger Watch for continuing conservation work apart from spreading awareness about issues related to wildlife conservation.